The School health activities in Burkina Faso

Reporting day: 2020 / 05 / 24 / 
Reporter: Fumiko Shibuya

I am Fumiko Shibuya, a master's degree student from The University of Ryukyu and a member of JC-GSHR.
I worked at a Catholic girls’ school in Burkina Faso as a JICA volunteer. I taught sexuality education (menstruation, sex infection etc.) and malaria prevention to the students with my counterpart teacher. Also, I taught nutrition to keep weight and washing hands to prevent infections. I made health materials for health lecture with my counterpart to teach by his self and did hand health room manage over to headteacher.
I think that It was difficult to teach sexuality education in developing countries because of the strong background culture, society, and religion. There were young pregnancy and sex infections. However, I couldn’t teach enough to prevent these accompanied by these backgrounds. In such cases, I think it is essential to teach preventive education to students and improve the school health system.
I am going to research sexuality education in developing countries at The University of Ryukyu. Through my research, I would like to improve the school health system by making some issues and my questions clear.