Why are there so few bullies in Indonesia?

Reporting day: 2020/08/13/  
Reporter: Jun Kobayashi

At present, the increasing the number of suicides in adolescents is a global public health issue. The number of suicides in adults has been decreasing in Japan, while it is increasing in adolescence. As one of the reasons behind this, the problem of bullying cannot be ignored. Furthermore, it can be said that the problem of “Cyber bullying” is becoming more serious problem together qualitatively quantitatively.

On the other hand, the lower suicide rates is shown in Indonesia. Moreover, bulling case was the lower number among Southeast Asian countries according to the Global School-Based Survey. A team of Department of Global Health, University of the Ryukyus, Japan and School of Medicine, Mataram University in Lombok, Indonesia, started a study to clarify the question; "Why does Indonesian have so much bullying?",

As a result of this study, it was found that the curriculum includes religious education and moral education that respects multi-ethnic and other religions, which effectively prevents bullying. Furthermore, it was suggested that cultural event in school as extracurricular activities also had an effect as extracurricular activities.

We believe that these results will be useful for formulating the strategy to prevent bulling among countries such as Japan, where bullying is becoming more serious.
 This manuscript is in review process in “Special Issue in Pediatrics International; School Health Promotion in Japan and Its Contribution to Asia and Africa”