Report on School Health Education Program(SHEP) activities in Ghana 

Reporting day:  2020/ 09 / 10/    (Year)(Month)(Day)
Reporter: Marie Ueno

My name is Marie Ueno. I am a member of the JC-GSHR office. I have lived in Ghana from 2017 to 2019 as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer. I was dispatched as a school health volunteer to Ada East district Education Office in Greater Accra region, Ghana.
I cooperated with the School Health Education Program(SHEP) coordinator to promote school health activities at schools in the district. One of the activities I focused on was making a “health song” in their local language. While I went around schools, I felt that they struggled with the lack of health education among children, teachers, and parents. My co-worker and I decided to create health songs related to the local’s daily life that provide them with knowledge and technical skills.
We wrote 8 songs that highlight important health topics, including personal hygiene, hand washing, clean environment, water sanitation, prevention of Malaria, nutrition, dental health, first aid and so on. After composing the songs, we made them into books and distributed them to every school in the district. 
After the distribution, many teachers used the book as teaching material to teach children about each health during the morning assembly. In addition to this, I found that one of the teachers made good use of the health songs book. She used the book as teaching material in the local language class. Thus, I realized that even if there is not enough time to introduce health education in the curium, we can create more opportunities for children to learn about health and hygiene.

Health Songs book                                        Hand washing / Food Handling song

Health education in elementary school                               Health talk at local radio station

Health sons book used as a teaching material in local language class