Research Achievements
Research Achievements


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Articles in Japanese

Godo Y, Omura M,Takashima H. Bottlenecks and Possibilities in Economic Development-The Economic Role of Human Capital in Developing Countries. The Bulletin of Institute for Research in Business and Economics. 2010 December; 27: 19-36

友川 幸, 小林 敏生, 金田 英子, 門司 和彦, Bangoon NISAYGNANG, Boungnong BOUPHA. ラオス南部農村地域の児童のタイ肝吸虫感染に関わる要因の検討―親の生魚の摂取習慣が子どもの生魚の摂取習慣形成に及ぼす影響―. 民族衛生 2008;74(1):13-21

Media Newspaper / Magazine Articles

Mapping human helminth infections in Southeast Asia. UNICEF (Year unknown)


The 25th Conference of the Japan Association for International Health School-based participatory health education for malaria control in Ghana: engaging children as health messengers (*Available in Japanese only) Presenter: Daisuke Nonaka (National Center for Global Health and Medicine)

The 4th National Health Research Forum
Ecohealth education project team (team led by Dr. Kazuhiko Moji) won second place in the best poster presentation category at the annual National Health Research Forum held from September 7-8, 2010 at Vientiane, Laos.
“Preliminary assessment for development of health and environment education curriculum in the Faculty of Education, National University of Laos-The staffs’ experiences and concern of health and environmental education”.