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Objectives of the Japanese Consortium for Global School Health Research

Japan Consortium for Global School Health Research (JC-GSHR) was set up in 2010 as a think tank and hub for international school health networks. JC-GSHR is working towards the appropriate implementation and dissemination of school health programs. We target both school-aged children and adolescents, and we aim to promote the health of the community. JC-GSHR activities include following activities:

main activity

  1. 1)Implementing school health research and practices.
  2. 2)Providing technical support for practices and provide human resource training on school health .
  3. 3)Cultivating young researchers and technical experts through a network of research members.
  4. 4)Publicizing and disseminating information on the results of our research and school health projects.
  5. 5)Strengthening international partnerships
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Based on these proposed principles we are working in a variety of activities



At the 1998 G8 Summit in Birmingham, England, then Prime Minister Hashimoto was central to speaking to the necessity of the G8 countries working toward global measures to control parasites (Hashimoto Initiative). Subsequently, with the assistance of JICA, International Parasite Control Centers were established in Thailand, Kenya and Ghana, which contributed not only to the implementation of parasite control measures, but also extension of school health globally, providing an infrastructure for putting such measures into practice. After JICA’s assistance was concluded, JC-GSHR carried on the Hashimoto Initiative and developed activities with Japan as a focal point.



In 2000, the WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO and World Bank collaborated to propose Focusing Resources on Effective School Health (FRESH), a framework for improving the health of school children. In cooperation with international institutions, global NGOs and other organizations, the Japan Consortium for Global School Health Research has, as a member of the FRESH Coordination Group, proposed new strategies and other action plans for the development of school health activities around the world in an effort to embody the FRESH philosophy.


Comic Book about School Health




The consortium actively gives reports on research and debates by holding regular meeting once every 2 months.


We also participate in school health programs in developing countries

  • ■ Training Course on School Health and Nutrition in South East Asia
  • ■ Western Sri Lanka School Health Project
  • ■ Laos - Eco-Health Education Research Project
  • ■ Laos “Always Healthy” School and Regional Dental Health Project
  • ■ Bangladesh - Skill Acquisition School Health Education Field Trials
  • ■ Kenya – Schoolchild-Support Program for Making Healthy Regional Societies
  • ■ Thailand – Myanmar Immigrant School Health Project
  • ■ Effect of an intervention to enable young people to act as change agents to reduce cardiovascular disease risk of their community: a cluster randomized controlled trial
  • ■ An evidence review- for developing an integrated intervention package for NCD prevention and control in schools in Africa

▼Program Countries
Countries Participating in School Health and Nutrition Training Courses
Cambodia , Indonesia , Laos , Myanmar , Philippines , Thailand , Vietnam , Singapore , Brunei , Malaysia , Papua New Guinea , Sri Lanka , Bangladesh , Nepal , Bhutan , India , Pakistan , China



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