International Women's Day-  Symposium on "Menstrual Health Promotion in Schools" was held

Reporting day:  2024/4 / 22 / (Year)(Month)(Day)
Reporter: Elli Sugita

The International Symposium titled "Menstrual Health Promotion in Schools" was held at Osaka University Nakanoshima Center on Saturday, March 9, as announced in this website.

We welcomed Dr. Sommer Marni, a world-renowned leader of the menstrual hygiene movement, Dr. Sachiko Suzuki, who has long been involved in menstrual research in Japan, and Ms. Miyuki Mitsukuri, Director of Akashi City, which is making very advanced efforts in Japan to support menstruation.

Following their presentations, we invited them to a panel discussion, Following their presentations, we had a panel discussion and a Q &A session.

(Osaka University Director Mr. Inoue, Dr. Suzuki, Dr. Sommer, Director Mitsukuri, and Sugita)

Let me introduce an article about the symposium written by a writer who lives in Taiwan (Ms. Miho Tanaka).
In this article, she also mentions our Taiwan field survey in the Activity Report of this website.

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