Kanako Morita

Nishinari ward office. Osaka city ( Department of health welfare )

Research Field

Health education / Maternity and Child health /Public Health

Field Experience

・Jun 2011 to Feb 2013: NGO Future Code
Post Held of secretary general in head office in KOBE, Project HAITI, BANGLADISH, KENNYA etc..
・Mar 2011 to Jun 2011 :NGO AMDA
Post Held of project coordinator about Emergency Relief of earthquake Japan in Minami sanriku site.
・May . 2010 to March. 2011: NGO AMDA
Post Held of field officer about HAITI project. 1) Emergency Relief 2) Artificial leg project 3) Youth program about exchange of
culture and sport in Haitian , Dominican, Japanese 4) Cholera infection program
・Feb 2010 to Feb. 2011 : NGO AMDA
Post Held of field officer about Emergency Medical Relief in earthquake CHILE
1) Emergency Relief 2) Maternity and Infantile program
・Oct 2007 to Jan. 2010 : Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer/JICA
Charge of development community of JOCV in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC that is reinforcement of primary health care by JICA technical project. It purpose who has focus aim to Maternity and Infantile.
・Jul 2007 to Aug 2007: NGO Child Care in Philippine
Participate for conducted out research of health education for Maternity and Infantile
・Apl 2007 to Sep 2007: Nishino preschool ( Health educator / School nurse)
Post Held of School nurse and Health Education



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