Super Science High School (Grant by MEXT)

Reporting day: 2022/08/31
Reporter: Kigawa, Mika

At this year's Annual Conference of the Japanese Society of Health Education and Promotion, high school students presented their research results. I will briefly report on that activity.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has launched a project to support high schools as "Super Science High Schools (SSH)", which train human resources who can conduct science and mathematics education from high school to be able to consider research with an international perspective. Expanding.

The high school got SSH grant, I cooperated as supervisor of their research by require from high school.

The students who presented at the conference were applied for the theme of "infectious disease" when they were in the first grade. Since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred in the same year, we set the research theme as “the implementation status of behaviors that were effective in preventing COVID-19 infection”. They investigated behaviors aimed at preventing infection and examined the implementation status of high school students through questionnaire surveys and observational surveys. In the second year, they interested in vaccination, so they studied the mechanism of the vaccine, the characteristics of the COVID-19 vaccine, and read a paper on the awareness of young people overseas about vaccination. Based on this knowledge, we conducted a questionnaire survey, and presented the results at the conference this time.

Through these research, I hope that their knowledge of infectious disease control and their experience of public health research will lead to their future. On this year, I supervise the research on the theme of "dietary habits" with other students. I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

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