The 7th Study Session for JC-GSHR Members-Only (The final session)

Reporting day: 2024/May / 21st/ (Year)(Month)(Day)
Reporter: Saki KAWAMITSU

This is Saki Kawamitsu, a member of JC-GSHR secretariat.

I would like to report on the 7th study session held on May 21st, 2024, it was final study session in a series of monthly study sessions held since last November.
The Japanese version of the best-selling book “Helping Health Workers Learn,” which has been translated and published in many countries around the world, is a must-read book for those who aim to create healthy communities. In this session, we focused on chapters 26 and 27 in Part 5 of the book.

In chapters 26 and 27 of Part 5, we mainly learned about the impact of human relationships on people's health, what process is needed to get people to accept health education, effective ways of using role plays and skits as a method to spread health education, and specific examples of actual cases in various countries.

This was an opportunity to exchange ideas and share valuable experiences with the participants.
We could learn once again that as a health worker who is closest to people in need in the midst of complex problems caused by various factors such as cultural, social, and economic factors, the first step is to take an interest and get to know the subject.

To those who participated in the 2023 study session series and to those who helped to implement this study session, thanks to all of you, we had a very meaningful time of learning.
Thank you very much.

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