Online interview on Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) at public senior high schools in Mataram city, Indonesia; cooperated by Faculty of Medicine, University of Mataram

Reporting day:  2021/08/21/
Reporter: Fumiko Shibuya

My name is Fumiko Shibuya and I am enrolled at the Department of Global Health, University of the Ryukyus.
Currently, I am conducting international joint research on Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Mataram, Indonesia.
We conducted online Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) for teachers who are in charge of sexual education-related subjects and In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) with school principals.
The target teachers' teaching subjects are divided into five subjects: Physical and Sports, Biology, Religious education, Civic, and Guidance and Counseling.
In Indonesia, religious and cultural backgrounds influence sexual instruction, therefore, the target teachers include teachers in charge of Religious and Civic education.
The results of ongoing interviews reveal that conflicts regarding religious and cultural backgrounds that were predicted before the survey do exist.
In addition, many commented that it was necessary to introduce a curriculum and guidelines for teaching sexual education as an obligation under the policy.
The results obtained from this research will help in the development of adolescent health guidelines in Indonesia.

Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with five teachers 
In-Depth Interview (IDIs) with school principal

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