School sites after the COVID-19 pandemic

Reporting day: 2023/ 7 / 31
Reporter: Yasuko Yokoyama

In 2020, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology issued a "Hygiene Management Manual on the COVID-19. "
I continued to involve myself into the activity to measure against infection diseases in cooperation with teachers and related organizations to protect the lives of students and to sustain educational cooperation in school.

The results of our educational activity brought us a lot of findings.
Consequently, the systems for infection prevention and health care toward students have been improved.
Also, the students’ ability to manage their own health has improved.
Students are now able to observe their own health, communicate their physical condition in concrete terms, and take actions to avoid infecting others and themselves.
The number of students who can protect themselves or others from infection has increased.

And then, online program were introduced at the same time. The online course is a great help to the students.
Until last year, we had several health lectures that students could take at home. We have also introduced a new online course. Parents who do not normally come to school are now able to participate to the online course along with the students, the online course increased the opportunity for those share parents to share educational activity.

Now returning to our ordinary educational activities, we have noticed new problems about students’ health. For example, we hear from many students that their physical fitness cannot keep up with the ordinary school curriculum with no activity restrictions.
Compared to the data for 2019 and 2023, we have found the increase of the number of students who visit the school infirmary due to illness during sport festivals or physical fitness tests, as well as who miss classes due to fatigue.
It is necessary to pursue school health and educational activities in the new phase.

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