Roundtable at The Annual Conference of the Japanese Society of Health Education and Promotion

Reporting day:  2023/ 8 / 20 / (Year)(Month)(Day)
Reporter:Luna Shimabukuro

On July 22 (Sat.) and 23 (Sun.), The Annual Conference of the Japanese Society of Health Education and Promotion was held at Zenkoku Choson Kaikan (Tokyo).

Japan Consortium for Global School Health Research (JC-GSHR) participated in a roundtable under the theme of “School Health Support and Research in Developing Countries in the Post-Corona Era: What is the School Health Support and Research that Utilizes Japan’s Strengths?”

First, each of the three professors (Dr. Ando, Dr. Tomokawa, Dr. Nishio) presented a topic.
Based on the topics, discussions were held with the participants on two issues of: “A. Strengths and Challenges of School Health Support and Research in Japan” and “B. Current and Future Needs for School Health Support and Research”.
Opinions on the discussion topics were collected from JC-GSHR members in advance, and these were introduced, and participants also gave their opinions.
After the discussions, Dr. Kobayashi, an expert in international school health and representative director of JC-GSHR, gave summary.

Some of the findings from this roundtable are as follows.
・Japan’s school health support and research has strengths, such as the use of Japan’s educational approach to school health, the ability to collaborate with partner countries, and the establishment of organizations and educational opportunities related to school health.
・The challenges are the lack of project opportunities and achievements, the shortage of experts and human resources, and the lack of coordination among training organizations.
・It is necessary to package Japanese-style school health care, to understand the needs and working conditions of teachers in the partner country, and for Japan to be willing to learn from other countries.

Thank you to everyone who participated.

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